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Drew Catchy, upbeat Indie Pop. Definitely worth a good listen. If they were still around, I would check out a show in LA. Favorite track: High School.
Cody Mims
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Cody Mims So many pleasant-sounding songs! Favorite track: Church & J.
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Landyachtz Used this song in our video "Community Spot Check - Chilliwack" Favorite track: High School.
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This record was made possible with help from Ian MacGregor, Luke Ehret and Bryan Evershed. Horns written and arranged by Dayna Richards and Damin Suarez. Guest piano and organs by Ben Patterson. Guest guitar and keys by Davin Givhan and Stephen Zuniga. Guest bass guitar on "Angels" by Josh Adachi. Guest vocals by Carina Downing and Elizabeth Dickerson. Guest trombone by Josh Solberg. Album Artwork by Mitzi Akaha.

Go West Young Man is: Damin Suarez, Matt Nakamura, David Mayer, Sarah Wood, Dayna Richards and Nick Morford.


released October 30, 2012

Copyright 2012 Go West Young Man. All rights reserved. Produced by Go West Young Man with additional production by Ian MacGregor. Recorded by Luke Ehret and Ian MacGregor with addtional recording by Eric Palmquist, Be Hussey, Jonathan Hylander and Ben Patterson. Mixed by Ian MacGregor, Jon Uhland, Be Hussey and Eric Palmquist. Additional production by Bryan Evershed



all rights reserved


Go West Young Man Los Angeles, California

Go West Young Man started as the musical project of Damin Suarez and Matt Nakamura in 2005. Later guitarist Joe Edwards was added with the help of Charles Gray on bass. Adrian Prieto later joined on bass with David Mayer on guitar. Still doin our thing. ... more

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Track Name: En Route
You're on a cold Philadelphia train
Underneath the shadow of a rumbling plane
Versed in elemental continental refrain
pressed upon the petals of a season of change

I'm on the surface of a cold meteor
Hanging on the hinges of a rickety door
Oh to be a little in the middle of song
Everybody's moving and they're moving along

Oh my broken soldiers
Heavy on your shoulders
Though we be much older have we learned

In Carolina we were ready to board
Lost between the voices of a million more
Everything is harder when you cannot explain
How you play your stupid game

Arise, the common era of solitary life
That I've become aware of
Our attitudes are graceful yet peculiarly sad
When leaving home
Track Name: High School
We'll take it right back
To the walls of your coal mine
All night
In the walls of your mind
It's stickin' just right
Like a frost on a cold night
Cause the cops pass you by

Oh my goodness, oh my god
Something wrong, something right
And oh my goodness of my god
You take your pills tonight and we'll be alright

Pull my chain like you did it in high school
All the same and we'll do it again.
You come around here late like you did it in high school
Board the L train, stop on the way

We're thinking alright
In the case of a red light
Hold tight
Till the smoke fills your eyes
And the raindrops
Like a sweat on your forehead
Won't stop
Till you feel alright
Track Name: American Gold
You've got to know
When the evening is dry
You've got to know
Oh the way it's alright
And beneath faux pas'
A plastic vase
Handsome words
Wrapped in furs
Reflect the cold I should know

You don't know
Blame it on her.
God bless your soul
Blame it on her.

Like the ones we hurt
Like the hundred stains on your dirty shirt
And when you dance
It's American gold
Only worth half price if you have then you hold

So much depends on the price of your eyes
You scratch the diamonds with the sounds of your cries
And in October I tripped over all your lies
When it's over it's over now.
Track Name: Angels
In the back
In the dark
Drinkin' whiskey from the cork
Singin' where have all your angels gone?
You're old
You've sold
Your devils to your sould
Singin' where have all your angels gone

So tell me what do do.
Tell me what to do.

Cause you're all I knew
All I knew
All I knew was you.
Yes you I knew
All I knew
All I knew was you.

So you're back
In tracks
From a stubborn state of comatose
And where have all your angels gone?
You're cold
In what some would call a paradox
Track Name: Consumption Junction
What you're asking for is that I do it right
When that last I heard you could go on all night
It's a conversation I don't like to have
But your indignation can be such a drag

You're blowin' weather patterns all night
There's no other way around it alright
When the bottle breaks again you just might

I want to consume over and over

So your education couldn't do you right
And you've lost control of everything in sight
It's a conversation we can try and try
How your good intentions came to live and die
Track Name: 1433
Broken windows and smoke in rooms
Innuendo's for every afternoon
When the smoke clears from where you came
Understandable when it rains

You are the queen of excuses
You are everywhere I am
Tell me how you want it to go

She's not shy and
We're not coy
Coathung babies and sidewalk noise
There's no future and there's no past
Miles and miles of your peoples trash
Track Name: Church & J
Like photographic monochrome
Images and semi-tones
Make perfect lovers
When they're undercover
So ostentatious
Through you arms of justice
Won't you take me with you through your current issues

Why don't you take me you?
Can't you take me with you?

When I figure out the things I never thought I knew
Making reservations for a funeral and not inviting you
Interesting how heaven never wears her snake skin boots
When you're on your way

Why there are no sections
In these false corrections
But you failed to mention
That you'd flown to Austin, Texas
Still we serpentine
Not a care in mind
Cutting curbs and corners everywhere
And wonder why the people stare
Track Name: Sailboat
Hey there comrade
Oh so the ocean let you down
And there's somewhere
Out there, concrete is calling for your toes

When you're heart is in prayer
And your mind's just not there
Yes it's always snowing with you.
And you fall on your crown
Cause saint Agnes let you down
And it's always, nothing to do

So when sunlight fails to open your eyes
Just let the moon shine on through
Cause you're always falling into a silhouette of blue

Cause your hearts always there
Even when they do not care
And it's always, always a drag
Say so long and goodnight
To the way we used to try
And stay floating, life boats aboard

Oh my broken pilot
Don't let the ocean get you down.
And hey there comrade
Don't let the ocean get you down

Cause if there's nothing wrong with you
Then there's something wrong with all of us.
Track Name: Smile
Under your soles accumulate enemies
A break in your smile to get me underneath your skin
Like a phosphorescent glow

How soon heaven shows she knows your obscenities
Commiserate with your friends and give in
Much to my chagrin
Light the coal the fire grows

Truth on the fly
When all you want's a lie
And everything in time

Whoever told you I was down on my knees
When I sing the smile of a lost elogy
Whenever it comes
And I'll sing a smile to help you understand

So tired, so many wrongs to mend
Sunshine comin' around the bend
But you're pushin' and shovin'
Like you're tellin' me something
In the end it means nothing when you've got nothing to show.

Truth on the fly
When all you want's a lie
And happiness is on your side
After all, your consciousness is blind
Historically tied down
Track Name: We Still Work Here
All the bosses say
There's a goldmine after dusk
If you hold my hand and say
"I believe I'll ascertain what belongs to all who understand"
And I'll be on my way
And the moisture from the smog and rain
(from my) understanding goes away

So you cut and moan from the seeds that we've all sown
Takin' complimentary smiles and things unknown
And you break your back
No undermining things on track
Cause you're happy here alone

What belongs to all who understand?
And I'll be on my way
And the moisture from the smog and rain
and understanding goes away.

Cause you lay in your garden
Nobody told you
You're making it harder for all us to see
And there's dust in your goldmine
Cause nobody told you
You Cried like a baby for all that you knew

Cause there's no one
Out there
Trust me
Down in your garden
No one
down there
coming to save you
No one
Out there
Down in your garden
No one
Down there
Coming to hold you down